Marketing a Christian School?

This website and the Why Christian Schools videos have been produced to help promote and market Christian Schools. It is designed to start discussions.

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Get informed about why Christian schooling is important or challenge your own views on the topic.

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You can use all six videos or select just the ones most appropriate to your school situation. We ask that you don’t alter the videos and include a link to this site with each video. 

The Purpose of Education

Video title: The Purpose of Education
Length: 1.55 minutes

The Role of Parents

Video title: The Role of Parents
Length: 2.10 minutes

Teachers and their Influence

Video title: Teachers and their Influence
Length: 4.01 minutes

The Question of Salt and Light

Video title: The Question of Salt and Light
Length: 4.57 minutes

What is the real world

Video title: What is the real world
Length: 1.50 minutes

Counting the cost

Video title: Counting the cost
Length: 2.54 minutes

This promotional video was produced by TDHMedia

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