Links to Christian School Associations

When considering Christian Schools and Christian Colleges for your child it is important to understand the diversity.

The inclusion, or exclusion, of the word “Christian” in a school’s name, or its relationship to a church does not automatically mean it is more Christian than another. As parents it is important you ask questions rather than making assumptions.

Here are some factors for you to consider

The list of school groups and related organisations below is not an endorsement of them. Neither are they paid advertisements. This list is provided to help parents in their decisions.

Even within an association of similar schools you will find differences of opinions, styles, policies and practices. Like churches we may not all agree on the details but we generally agree on the big picture. Schools change over time. Vision and culture may change – both for good and bad. You may even have gone to a Christian school as a child. You may have liked it. Maybe you didn’t. Regardless it is good to ask questions of whichever school you are considering.