Why choose a Christian school?

What every parent needs to know

If you are a Christian parent this is a question you may have asked. Like many you may not know how to answer this question or who to ask. The purpose of this website and the Why Christian School videos is to help you consider your own beliefs on the role of education and schools.

In exploring the Why Christian Schools website you will:

  • meet Christian parents as they talk about their experiences
  • listen as they share their own journeys, questions and decisions
  • understand how they see their responsibility as parents
  • discover how parents and teachers can work in partnership
  • hear Christian teachers share their passion for children

In a series of short videos parents and teachers address some of the common objections to Christian Schools including:

  • Aren’t our children meant to be salt and light in the world?
  • Don’t Christian schools remove children from the real world?
  • Isn’t education about neutral things?
  • Why pay for education when there is a free alternative?

Explore the Vision

When asked "why have Christian schools" the simple answer was, and still is, we want our children to be taught the truth.

Market Your School

This website and the Why Christian Schools videos have been produced to help promote and market Christian Schools