Marketing a Christian School - How to use this website

This website and the Why Christian Schools  videos and 8 page booklet have been produced by Covenant Christian School Sydney to help promote and market Christian Schools. It is designed to start discussions. The Why Christian Schools videos deliberately do not mention Covenant Christian School.

At Covenant we believe:

  • we are blessed to be a blessing
  • our work in Christian education is part of God's Kingdom work and should help others beyond our own school community
  • parents have responsibility to raise their children. Schools can partner and help them - but not do it for them.
  • the most effective way of prospective parents hearing about Christian schools is by word or mouth - one parent talking to another. This website and DVD is designed to help this - not replace it.
  • parents believe the testimony of other like minded parents more than professional Christian educators. Therefore this video is predominately interviews with Christian parents.

There are three ways you can use this site for marketing your Christian school

  1. Order copies of the Why Christian Schools DVD and 8 page booklet - see cover & read booklet
    • it's a simple tool for your school community to share with friends and neighbours
    • DVDs can be distributed to local churches and Christian organisations
    • offer copies from your school website (preferably free but not for more than you paid for them)
    • Order copies here
  2. Link to this site from your Christian school website as a resource for prospective parents
    • you may like to use one of the following icons on your site. Right click on the images and save as download.
  3. Embed the Why Christian Schools YouTube or Vimeo videos in your school website
    • you can use all six videos or select just the ones most appropriate to your school situation
    • we ask that you don't alter the videos and include a link to this site with each video
    • we would also appreciate if you could email us to advise us you are doing this
    • click on the video links below, then select Share, then Embed and set your preferred screen size dimensions. This will give you YouTube's or Vimeo's html code which you can simply copy and paste into your website. 
Video title: The Purpose of Education
Length: 1.55 minutes

Video title: The Role of Parents
Length: 2.10 minutes

Video title: Teachers and their Influence
Length: 4.01 minutes

Video title: The Question of Salt and Light
Length: 4.57 minutes

Video title: What is the real world
Length: 1.50 minutes

Video title: Counting the cost
Length: 2.54 minutes


This promotional video was produced by TDHMedia

Use these graphics to link your school website to the home page

Right click on the Why Christian images and save as download.